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Digital Funeral Eulogy

The funeral eulogy leaps into the digital age

The team at K2 Digital recently launched a new site,, for our customer Aurora Caskets. Increasingly people are choosing celebrations of life rather than traditional funeral services. This site allows you to capture key moments in your life in words and images, along with how you would like to Be Remembered after passing on. A funeral eulogy in the digital age. You can also write personalized emails to your friends and loved ones that will be released by your executor. is a very easy site to capture memories, bucket lists items still to be completed and completed.

Digital Funeral Eulogy

It’s always a hard thing to face our own mortality. Writing wills forces us to think about that and make sure our affairs are in order for those who we will leave behind some day. Contemplating the memories that matter to us and we would want to leave behind is similar, but it’s also an opportunity too to realize the great things that have happened in our lives and to be grateful for every moment we have with those that matter to us.

By mfarmer

Mark Farmer is the owner and principal consultant of Air Dreams based in Toronto, Canada. He has over 20 years of experience in technology marketing spanning telecom OSS/BSS, broadband access, mobile consumer services and digital media. He has led product management, product marketing and marketing communications teams at a senior level and startups and large organizations including Amdocs, QuickPlay, Rogers Wireless and Trader Corporation.