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Welcome to Air Dreams providers of digital consulting services for product, agile and cloud transformation. We do this through providing coaching, strategy, development and go-to-market consultation for digital organizations. We will work with you to align your digital product strategy to your business goals and support getting those products to market while leveraging cloud and agility to get you there efficiently and with a focus on outcomes and delivery of business value. Having worked as a founding employee at small organizations to large telecommunications and retail companies with thousands of employees we can tailor our digital consulting services to the unique needs of your business.

What needs to be true to succeed?

We have seen the pains and challenges that can occur at various stages in a company’s growth and can help navigate the waters to minimize risk. By spending time thinking about assumptions that need to be true in order for the business model to succeed, we can test as many of those assumptions before we make big investments. Usually most assumptions can be tested and validated, reducing risk very quickly with minimum investment. As we test assumptions we will often learn new information that can subtly or dramatically change our strategy and tactics. Air Dreams digital consulting services will make sure that your ideas are well thought through and to define an approach that will allow agility and efficiency in how you get to your goals.