Product Planning and Execution

Product Planning

Product Planning will create the detailed requirements and specifications in forms that are best suited to your current development methodologies whether they are agile, waterfall or other practices. We can also offer assistance in the creation of requirements planning and development processes if needed to improve your current development efficiency or simply to have a framework to start with.

The purpose of product planning is to define the product in a granular enough level of detail that creates understanding with architects and developers to begin creating the products that you want. We start by creating epic user stories that at a high level define for various users of the product the key journey’s they will take to achieve the goals they need complete to have their problems solved. From these epics more detailed user stories will be elaborated on to fully define what the product should do and how success will be measured for each release in the product roadmap.

Program Strategy

The Program Strategy is a key executional component of product planning that will identify the key parts of your organization that will be involved in transitioning your new product to the marketplace and build a launch plan to support a well coordinated go-to-market. Project governance processes will be defined and used to track progress of all program activities to give clear oversight to business stakeholders and clear linkage to other product planning activities.

Sales Readiness

Your sales teams are critical to the success of any product launch, whether they are a dedicated outside sales force, inside sales or you use partners to sell your products. Clearly positioned products with well-defined unique selling propositions built into easy to use collateral will arm them to be as effective as possible with your customers. We will work with you to ensure that collateral and training activities are defined and including in the product planning activities to minimize the time between product readiness and time-to-revenue.